Samal Resort & SPA

Isolated from the city noise and bustle, surrounded by magnificent mountain landscapes, rejoices and reverently meets its guests Samal Resort & SPA, to give unforgettable moments of quality, comfortable and useful recreation. After just 15 minutes from the busy Almaty streets in the direction of the famous Medeu skating rink and the Chimbulak ski resort, you find yourself in an ecologically clean metropolitan area with fresh air and extraordinary natural beauty, where, against the backdrop of the picturesque sky and mountain peaks, the gently golden facade of the hotel building rises. The advantage of a good location is also the relatively close distance from the international airport of Almaty, equal to 25 km.

The interior of Samal Resort & SPA embodies the traditional Arabian style, and at the same time creates a pleasant feeling of country comfort and tranquility. Entering the front doors into the charming lobby, you seem to find yourself in an oriental tale with exquisite decoration, tender sunny tones and soft sofas and armchairs where it's so convenient to wait for your guests at small tables, to lead a leisurely conversation and get acquainted with the latest news of respectable printed publications.

Samal Resort & SPA combines exquisite Arabic aesthetics, true Eastern hospitality and modern comfort, so that the guests are really pleased and satisfied with the time spent here.